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Spark starts, fuel burns, and life begin.


That is how they create unique pieces at Remastered & Co., bikes for those who love beauty and authenticity, those handcrafted detail that could take shape only inside old Italian workshops, thanks to attention, passion and the expert hands and the brilliant talent of professionals who aimed to perfection.


Today, keeping that modus operandi, with the help of better technology and the support of ‘historical’ experts in the various industry categories, every project becomes a virtuosity, an exercise in style, a challenge to improve, to find the most innovative solution and turn every customer’s dream into a concrete and exclusive reality.


The idea is the spark. The fuel is enthusiasm. Life is the new identity every bike assumes at the end of this journey. It doesn’t matter if the ‘remastering’ is total or partial, is it’s a historical vehicle or a more modern one… from the frame to the engine, from the rims to the suspensions, from the electrical system to the fuel tank, a new reality is born, a pure fusion between passion and mechanics, something that actualize the customer’s wish and put a work of art on the road, a strictly handmade piece that will surely turn some heads.


Someone said: “beauty will save the world”. We definitely believe it and, with the minimal simplicity of our works, since 2009 we live every project as an expression of harmony proposing ‘showcase’ bikes that are also absolutely real, burning the asphalt at every traffic light or challenging the hardest mountain roads the nature has to offer.


If you love typical genuine flavors and ‘tailor-made’ manual skills of old Italian workshop, as we’ve already said, and if you want a unique and unmistakable style that can peak for you with audacity and elegance, then you definitely need a good ‘remastering’.


What are you waiting for?


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Il metallo torna a vivere

passando per il cuore, la mente, le mani

Progettazione completa della moto, dal telaio alle modifiche richieste dal cliente. Studio e sviluppo affidabilità delle stesse modifiche su strada

Sopra qualche schizzo di alcuni nostri progetti di sviluppo, nella fattispecie #RC01 e #RC04.

Immaginati, sognati, disegnati, studiati, progettati e testati....


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